Login Conf not parsed ?

Tommy Scheunemann net at mail.arrishq.net
Fri Apr 27 01:56:52 UTC 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm running a FreeBSD 6.2 system, only have SSH access to it. The only  
user which is allowed to login had Bash (installed from the Ports)  
Since 2 days I can't login any longer - Bash misses a library. I tried  
to create a login_conf file in the users home directory but it seems  
that the file isn't parsed.
Content is:

--- snip ---


--- snip ---

I've created the database via cap_mkdb at my local system and uploaded  
this file as well, then changed the file permissions to 0400 and  
ownership is right as well. Just - that file isn't parsed :(

Any other way of changing the user's shell - could install in the  
worst case some kind of PHP shell - are also welcome.
The library which is missing could be uploaded from my local system,  
just - of course - I don't have any write permissions in the usual  

Thanks in advance

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