Thunderbird 2.0 dumps core on second file open op

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Apr 27 00:32:42 UTC 2007

Howard Goldstein writes:

>  > Could everyone affected by this issue document a few more steps of what 
>  > they do to cause Thunderbird to coredump, please?
>  1. start thunderbird
>  2. ^M or click on the write message label
>  3. attach any file
>  4. send an email to self, garbage or empty message, take the default 
>  subject or change it to garbage.
>  5. ^M to compose another message
>  6. at any point from this point on , attaching a file will coredump

	While this is apples and kumquats, I don't get this behavoior

huff at jerusalem>> uname -a
FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT #0: Tue Mar 13 22:38:20 EST 2007     huff at  i386



				Robert Huff

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