Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Apr 26 19:03:44 UTC 2007

On Apr 26, 2007, at 11:35 AM, Miguel Alcántara wrote:
> /etc/rc.conf
> gateway_enable = "YES"
> ifconfig_vr0="inet netmask"
> ifconfig_xl0="inet netmask 0xffffffff"
> squid_enable="YES"

You're not going to have much luck trying to do NAT if both  
interfaces are on the same subnet.  Other machines will simply  
broadcast to the other LAN addresses without being re-written by this  

For NAT to work, the traffic has to flow through this machine as a  
router (or gateway), which means that they can't be using something  
like as the router.  You'll have to change vr0 to use a  
publicly routable IP if your want to use it as the "external NIC".


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