can't add any new users

Derek Ragona derek at
Thu Apr 26 12:03:19 UTC 2007

At 02:31 PM 4/25/2007, Charlie McElfresh wrote:
>I recently upgraded all my machines to 6.2 RELEASE.  All my machines except
>one work fine.
>On one of my machines, I can log in from the console to the super user
>account, but I could not su to my user account.
>So, I backed up all my data, and I deleted my user account.  Then, I added
>it back with adduser.
>When I look in /etc/passwd and /etc/group, I'm in there.
>When I try to su to my newly created account, I get this message:
>Bad system call (core dumped)
>I tried removing my account with rmuser, then adding it back again -- same
>Any ideas?

You didn't say how you upgraded this server to 6.2, nor from what 
version.  I suspect you have an old or missing library.  You might do well 
on this server to cvsup, buildworld, and install world.


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