DHCP/NIC IP address contention issues

Daniel Marsh jahilliya at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 04:46:43 UTC 2007

On 4/26/07, L Goodwin <xrayv19 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Will someone please lead me in the right direction towards resolving the
> following network issue?
> <snip>
> 1) "Apr 25 13:33:19 SERVER kernel: arp 00:40:f4:47:fb:8e is using my IP
> address xxx.xxx.x.xx!"
> 2) "dhcppc0# Apr 25 14:07:05 dhcpp0 kernel: arp: 00:40:f4:47:fb:8e is
> using my IP address xxx.xxx.x.xx!"
> I ran "ipconfig /all" on both Windows boxes and found that the FreeBSD box
> is assigned the same IP address as the Windows XP box (which had that IP
> address FIRST). Why is the FreeBSD box being assigned a non-unique IP
> address?

Have you checked the network properties (tcp-ip settings) for the XP machine
to make sure it's being assigned a dynamic IP address?
Have you tried running ipconfig /renew on the XP machine?
Have you checked the lease information in the DSL modem?

A DHCP server will not hand out the same IP address twice.
The only time I've seen something like this happen is when the DHCP lease
times out for an IP and windows doesn't renew the lease on the IP, the IP is
put into the free-ip's pool and handed out when the DHCP feels up to it...
So if the XP machine is setup for DHCP, it got the IP via dhcp, it probably
didn't renew the lease on the IP.

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