Active Directory server on 6-STABLE ?

Chris racerx at
Wed Apr 25 20:19:44 UTC 2007

Pat Lashley wrote:
> I'm looking for a good way to provide a single authentication/authorization
> database for multiple applications in an environment consisting of a
> FreeBSD
> server and a collection of primarily Windows (XP) clients.  We do NOT want
> to use the old Windows Domain protocols; and it doesn't look easy to make
> Windows work with anything that isn't a Microsoft work-alike.
> Active Directory looks like a good choice; since it should be easy to
> access
> the database from just about any app that supports LDAP authentication. 
> But
> so far, I haven't found an implementation of an AD-compatible server
> that will
> run on FreeBSD.  (This could, in part, reflect my lack of Windows
> experience...)
> It looks like Samba4 is far enough along to provide the necessary
> functionality;
> but it doesn't build and run on FreeBSD; and I don't currently have the
> time
> available to do the porting work.
> So, have I completely missed some other solution?  Does someone have Samba4
> running on FreeBSD 6-STABLE?  Do any of you have any other useful
> (on-topic)
> advice for me?

Pat - your not going to find a good "fit" with FreeBSD and LDAP.
The closest you will get to near-AD via Unix is here.

You may find this will better suit your needs.

It has mine.

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