strange effect building large storage server

Christoph Schug chris+freebsd-questions at
Wed Apr 25 19:30:07 UTC 2007

On Wed, Apr 25, 2007, Frank Altpeter wrote:

> [Please CC me in replies, since i'm not subscribed to the list...]
> Hi there,
> I was just hitting a quite strange problem with installing
> FreeBSD-6.2-RELEASE on an x86 platform...
> The machine itself provides a SATA raid controller, which is
> equipped with 12x500G disks, making a total of about 5 TB space.
> So, because of the 2GB restriction of freebsd, i decided to create 4
> partitions: da0s1 with 60G for the system, and da0s2 - da0s4 with ($rest /
> 3). Then, creating two partitions on da0s2 - da0s4 with each ($rest / 6)
> in size, making the system partitions and 6 x 816G partitions.
> After installation and startup, i see strange things happen, since

I would rather guess you're encountering limitations of an MBR style
partition table. Take a look at gpt(8) to overcome 2 GB limits.


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