cvsup-mirror supfile configuration for specific source

Anthony Human anthonyh at
Wed Apr 25 11:36:44 UTC 2007

Currently we have quite a number of servers running either 5.5 Release
or 6.2 Release. I would like to configure a BSD box as a cvsup-mirror to
serve our internal servers. I am doing this to hopefully save both time
and bandwidth when updating.
Please could someone assist me with configuring the supfile to only
download the source for the above versions? Any other advice/tips would
be much appreciated.
The default supfile looks so:
# Standard supfile for CVSup FreeBSD mirrors.
*default delete use-rel-suffix umask=002
cvs-all                release=cvs        prefix=prefixes/FreeBSD.cvs
gnats                 release=current
www                 release=current  prefix=prefixes/FreeBSD-www.current
mail-archive      release=current  prefix=prefixes/FreeBSD-mail.current
distrib                 release=self        prefix=prefixes/distrib.self

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