postfix question

n j nino80 at
Wed Apr 25 09:58:30 UTC 2007

Hello Oliver,

> Would it help to pimp your transport map?
> #        In the case of delivery via SMTP, one  may  specify  host-
> #        name:service instead of just a host:
> #
> #         smtp:bar.example:2025
> You can replace bar.example with the IP address of the other
> interface.

The way I understand, transport map selects messages based on
recipient's address or domain. In the above example, only messages
destined for would get routed through the right interface.
Once messages end up in the queue, qmgr uses trivial-rewrite to
resolve recipient's address and selects a transport based on that. Or
am I wrong?

I need to route messages based on either sender's address/domain (this
would suffice) or incoming interface (better).

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!


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