How to manually patch/configure/compile Apache 2.2.4's mod_autoindex module?

Olaf Greve o.greve at
Wed Apr 25 08:37:19 UTC 2007

Hi Frank,

Tnx a lot for your answers!

 >Have a look at:
 >in particular:
 > Overriding the Default Ports Directories
 >You basically copy the port wholesale to somewhere in your directory
 >tree and build your "new" patched port with WRKDIRPREFIX set.....I

Hmmm, I read it, and though it looks somewhat promising, I wonder if  
that'll work... The issue is that when first patching the C file, and  
then just trying a "make" it does nothing. When doing a "make clean",  
it will get all sources freshly again (hence undoing the patches made  
to the C file). From what I gather from the section you refer to, it  
will simply use a different working directory and/or install  
directory. However, wouldn't that try to simply install a newly build  
entire Apache 2.2.4 version next to the existing one (be it in a  
different directory, or not), with the difference that it is freshly  
built out of a different working directory (but still using the same  
fresh new sources)?

For obvious reasons, I'm somewhat apprehensive about trying this on  
my live server (though I could possibly (ab)use my fallback server  
for it), and was kind of hoping there would be an easy way to just  
compile the mod_autoindex module, using the patched source...

It appears I may have to fiddle around somewhat more with this,  
unless someone knows of a good way to achieve just that...?


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