Memory >3.5GB not used?

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Tue Apr 24 18:11:50 UTC 2007

> In response to "Don O'Neil" <lists at>:
>> I just built a new server with an Athlon 64 x2, 4GB Ram and a
>> Gigabyte/Nvidia motherboard.
>> When I boot the system up it says on the console that 532888K will be
>> ignored.
>> Of course it isn't put in any of the log files. Dmesg shows this:
>> real memory  = 3724476416 (3551 MB)
>> avail memory = 3649908736 (3480 MB)
>> Any reason the extra 1/2 GB isn't showing up or usable? Is there something I
>> need to specify in the kernel to get to the other 1/2 GB? What if I want to
>> install more than 4GB? This mobo supports up to 16 GB... Do I need to go to
>> the AMD64 platform to get >4GB?
>> I'm running FreeBSD 6.1 i386 SMP kernel.

i have a system with 4GB memory, doing the same similar behavior.  but, on top
of not using the last few hundred megs of ram, even the POST shows like 3.6 or
3.7GB of ram.  is PAE still a solution for my case?

[jhorne at canopus ~]$ dmesg | grep memory
real memory  = 3958833152 (3775 MB)
avail memory = 3875762176 (3696 MB)

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