How to manually patch/configure/compile Apache 2.2.4's mod_autoindex module?

Olaf Greve o.greve at
Tue Apr 24 14:18:48 UTC 2007


I have run into a seemingly trivial, yet annoying issue. I used to  
use Apache 1.3.33 on my live server, and recently I upgraded to  
Apache 2.2.4, which apart from some hassles when upgrading the PHP4  
extensions, went well.

However, there is one small thingy that is different: there are  
exactly two directories on which I allow directory listings, and  
these listings are (also) called from an external W*nd*ws program  
that one of the users of my machine has made and has distributed. For  
this user, I had allowed directory listings, with fancyindexing  
enabled, and I thought everything would be fine, but....
Apache 1.3.33's mod_autoindex created listings using (uppercase)  
<A> ... </A> tags, and Apache 2.2.4's version outputs (lowercase)   
<a> ... </a>  tags, and there ya go: the already widely distributed  
application solely checks for the uppercase version, and fails on the  
lowercase version.

I had hoped that it would be easy to change this around, using some  
form of template, but after RTFM-ing on the mod_autoindex (and  
accompanying "options") documents, I am pretty certain that this is  
not the case (or I am overlooking it).

In fact, it looks like the only place where this could be changed, is  
the mod_autoindex.c file, under the "work" directory in the proper  
"ports" directory.

Now, I don't mind patching the C source to accomplish this, however,  
compiling it neatly into a properly working module may be more of a  
hassle, and as a further downside, this would have to be done each  
and every time I would possibly want to update Apache...

Is there anyone who knows a better/easier way to achieve this?
If not, is there anyone who can tell me an easy method to properly  
compile and link the mod_autoindex module (ideally using the provided  

Tnx in advance, and cheerz,

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