Backup media choices for FreeBSD servers

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Apr 24 11:57:31 UTC 2007

Olivier Nicole writes:

>  USB is a nice and cheap solution, as long as you don't have too
>  much data to back-up every time.
>  If you have 40GB per day, that would take 10 hours... a bit too
>  much :)

	My setup (dump -> USB 2) processes 22.8 Gbytes in a hair over 5
	The average throughput is ~2 myytes/sec ... which is _way_
slower than it should be.  (The problem has not been reporduced on
other machines.)
	I'd prefer to be running of the 80 mbyte/sec LVD SCSI card.
However, that configuration (tape drive, cartridges, cables) would
start at $1500 and up.  This has so far cost less than $200, with an
incremental cost of < $50 per week of backup.

					Robert Huff

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