Backup media choices for FreeBSD servers

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Tue Apr 24 04:40:32 UTC 2007

L Goodwin writes:

>  1) Cost is a primary concern. Budget does not allow for a
>  multi-drive solution. Best if client does not handle backups
>  (change discs/tapes), so a solution that permits storing several
>  backups to same disc/tape preferred.
>  2) I only want to back up user data (not the OS). Current user data
>  occupies less than 1GB of drive space, and is expected to grow at a
>  modest rate.

	Weird as it sounds to be saying this ... 1 Gbyte is _nothing_.
	Buy an external hard drive that connects via USB 2.0.  (100
Gbyte would last three months.)  Practical transfer speed of, say,
15 Mbytes/sec means a dump will take less than 15 minutes.
	As for inter-OS software operability - no idea.

				Robert huff

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