best programming language for console/sql application?

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Tue Apr 24 01:07:51 UTC 2007

I co-developed a UNIX-based multi-product bug tracking system using an RDBMS (Informix, ISQL, Perform and ACE), bourne shell scripts, cron, and UNIX Mail.  This solution also worked on PC clients (we used Reflection-X, but I'd recommend XWin32). Our design was selected over a PC-only solution that another faction was pushing (we had more UNIX clients than PC's at that time).
It had some pretty sophisticated features for the time (some carried over from a previous version), including: 

Automated email notifications and summaries designed to support our software development methodology. 

Retrieve and display SCCS deltas to display code changed for a bug fix.

Ability to store bug regression tests (manual and automated) in several different languages, and automatically generate automated regression tests based on several different criteria, including Product, Platform, Version Range, and Programming Language. This one was my baby (brag).

I've also rewritten HPUX makefiles in bsh to permit execution on multiple UNIX platforms (HPUX make has some unique features not found in make on other UNIX platforms).

Based on the above experience, I'd recommend shell scripts, though this will likely generate some opposition. In any case, if your system only needs to run on one platform, I'd use built-in tools.

Since then, I've played around with using perl for CGI scripting (hated it), then PHP, which I love for this purpose.

Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu at> wrote: Dear list

This is OT. I am a 4 year php developer and is very familiar with 
javascript and awk (familiar = knows and used all functions and features 
of the language itself) and I am a 5 year FreeBSD user. Being frustrated 
for the lack of a good console-based issue tracking tool (like mantis or 
bugzilla), I think I should start to write my own. I'll either start 
from scratch or (better) write a frontend for mantis which I used for years.

   1. If someone has already started, I should try join him/her rather
      than reinventing the wheel. So if someone knows any person who is
      starting to work on a slim console-based issue tracker, please let
      me know. I already did quit a few searches. I know someone is
      working on a console front-end of G-Forge, but a big software like
      G-Forge is not what I am thinking of.
   2. If I start my own, I think I'll be using a console widget library
      (ncurse? because it's famous), an SQL database (no problem) and a
      programming language. I never developed console application
      before, so here asking for suggestions on what programming
      language to choose. Non of my known language php/javascript/awk
      are suitable so I guess I have to learn a new language anyway. The
      language better be easy to learn and work with (C++ is out), not
      necessarily have complicated calculation feature (like the
      graphical report mantis makes), not necessarily OOP. I have perl
      and tcl in my head now, can you make some recommendations?


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