SMP only detects one CPU - help?

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> Maybe you should use FreeBSD more often  :) 

Absolutely. I'm using it more and more. It's my goal to become 
completely free of certain operating systems beginning with W and other 
commercial software. I haven't had the guts to plunge straight into 
FreeBSD, but I'm gradually achieving my goal by parallel upgrades.

> As of FreeBSD 6.2 RELEASE, SMP systems are correctly detected and the 
> SMP kernel is used, no need to rebuild kernel. I have such an old 
> hardware arround (Dual P3 at 500) and 6.2 RELEASE loaded the SMP kernel as 
> expected. Same thing on shiny new Core2Duo machines.
> Try a reinstall, if this a testing machine and you'll notice that the 
> SMP kernel is loaded by default, unless some other strange hardware 
> problem exists.

I didn't know that. How handy. Actually I'm not sure how "options SMP" 
got in my kernel config file. It's not an old kernel config file and 
this is my first SMP system. Oh well.
I like to have several kernels in my /boot anyway - kernel, kernel.old, 
kernel.generic and kernel.debug. I don't like to run kernel.generic 
knowing there's lots of stuff in there I'm just not using, and I like 
having kernel.debug around so I can backtrace kernel panics.

I'll have a go with all my kernels, see if one of them boots the 
unusable AP. I'm off for a couple of weeks though, so I might not 
respond for a while.

Adam J Richardson

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