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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Mon Apr 23 01:33:27 UTC 2007


> I have a machine with a large hard drive which is not completely
> partioned (in the MSDOS sense).  I would like to take some of this
> unallocated space and make it a slice, label it and newfs it, but I am
> not sure if I can do this without screwing up the existing slice scheme.
> Are there any suggestions for the _RIGHT_ way to do this so I don't kill
> the existing scheme?

You should be able to use fdisk and allocate the remaining unallocated 
space - if it is truly unallocated - to a FreeBSD type slice.

If you want to check this, boot to FreeBSD.  If you don't already have
a FreeBSD installed, then boot from the disc-2 install CD and choose
the fixit option.   Then do 'fdisk devname'  where devname is the device
name of the disk as it shows up in dmesg.   It will give you a summary
of what it thinks is on the disk - which part of allocated and to what 
and which part is unallocated.   The information is mostly useful to
make sure things are as you expect and as a confidence builder.

Then, you can use fdisk manually to create a slice in unallocated space
or it is probably easiest to use sysinstall.   When you bring up and
run sysinstall, it will allow you to turn than unallocated space in to
a FreeBSD slice, make it bootable, write a FreeBSD MBR and then carve
that newly created FreeBSD slice in to partitions and choose mount points
and run the necessary newfs.      You can go on to install from there or
just leave it as empty FreeBSD type partitions.


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