FreeBSD machine instead of wireless hotspot device

Peter Ankerstål peter at
Sat Apr 21 19:02:31 UTC 2007

Angelin Lalev wrote:
> I have wireless hotspot device (Handlink WG-601) which I need to replace with FreeBSD machine. 
> The device has following functionality I need to replicate: 
> 1. It has dhcp server (that's easy) 
> 2. It makes NAT between it's "internal" interfaces and "wan" interface (easy too, but look at 3). 
> 3. It actually responds on every ARP request coming on it's internal interfaces. That allows it to act 
> as router for machines that instead of using dhcp are configured with wrong static IP addresses. 
> 4. It can use RADIUS for authentication of the users. 
> Actually, non-authenticated users are given IP address (no WPA, TKIP, etc) and when they first 
> try to load a web page are redirected to authentication web-page. Then their username and password 
> are checked against RADIUS database and only then they are allowed to connect to the outer network. 
> Two more things: 
> 1. It was part of a larger wireless hotspot service, sponsored from the government and implemented by outer organization, so buying another with my organization's money is out of the question. 
> 2. I'm aware of the issues with security but again I cannot modify the policy there.
> I'll be very thankful for any ideas.

I've done something very similar to this with FreeBSD (nanobsd).
Check out and

Hope it will be of any help.

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