Boot problem after GEOM setup

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at
Sat Apr 21 15:39:06 UTC 2007

Following the doc below, I am trying to mirror an existing disk, ad0,
which holds the root and /usr partitions (a second disk holds /var). I
have an exact same disk in as ad2 in the system and did everything in
this document top section through dumping the data and setting up
/etc/fstab and loader.conf. I created the /boot.config as shown except I
replaced the '1' with '2' just like I did for the other steps, but this
does not appear correct. I now stall when booting at the boot: prompt.
What can I type in the boot: prompt to get back in my system and make
the necessary changes? Also, what should the /boot.config look like to
boot to my new disk and continue through the steps for adding the first
disk to the mirror? I guess it looks like this now: 1:ad(2,a)/boot/loader.


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