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Kenny Dail kend at
Fri Apr 20 20:50:05 UTC 2007

> I am posting this question here because I know there are alot of ISPs
> using FreeBSD (including me) and am hoping to get feedback, either
> directly to me or to the list.
I work for an ISP with a mix of freeBSD and Linus servers.

> We are wrestling (as I am sure many are), with spam. Up until now we
> have been employing Spamassassin locally and using some 3rd party
> Anti-Spam servervices that are getting less and less reliable as the
> weeks go by.
Isn't everyone?

> We are considering two hardware solutions, Easyantispam and Barracuda.
> Barracuda is very expensive, so the most likely candidate is
> Easyantispam. Does anyone out there have thought on either or both of
> these? Usability? Reliability? Total Cost of ownership? Integration
> issues?

We've used Barracuda for nearly two years. It mostly worked. The main
issues I had with them is that their setup is really not flexible, and
we found greylisting to be more effective than their firewall. The
appliance is designed for a business type setup and does that very well,
but worked very poorly for an ISP setup. 

We found that it was considerably cheaper and more effective to run our
own anti-spam setup. If you are interested in more specifics, feel free
to contact me.

Kenny Dail <kend at>

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