Samba and RAID 1 using gmirror on 2 new disks

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Fri Apr 20 19:39:29 UTC 2007

Thanks for the steps, Laszlo. I got as far as creating a freebsd slice on da1 (both da1 and da2 have been low-level formatted).
Now I have two questions:

1) When creating the slice on da1, I specified to use the entire disk, but there are 2 unused sections -- one before and one after the new slice (please see attached file). Should I start over and specify a smaller size? What size should I specify?:'

2) About creating partitions on da1: You specified to add partitions to the slice (/dev/da1s1a, /dev/da1s1b,/dev/da1s1c etc.). 

Please note: 
a) The entire FreeBSD filesystem is on da0. 
b) I want to use the entire da1 disk for users on Windows clients to store files/documents on. I also want the mirror disk (da2) to be backed up regularly.

Do I need to create more than one partition on da1? What are the requirements for naming partitions in this situation?


Nagy László Zsolt <nagylzs at> wrote: *L Goodwin wrote:
 > Both assume you only have 2 drives and want to mirror the drive 
containing FreeBSD. I only want to mirror the data drive da1, and would 
appreciate a concise set of steps for doing this right the first time.
1. First of all, you should install the base system on da0 and boot it. 
(Leave da1 and da2 untouched)
2. Create a slice on da1 ("fdisk"). The name of the new slice will 
probably be "da1s1". (You will find this inside sysinstall) I found that 
sometimes I had to use a bit smaller slice than the available space, 
because equally looking disks are not always equal. (Not kidding!)
3. Use disklabel editor to add partitions to the slice 
(/dev/da1s1a,/dev/da1s1b,/dev/da1s1c etc.) and format them with newfs as 
4. Change loader.conf, add this line:


5. Execute these:

gmirror load
gmirror label -v -b round-robin gm0 /dev/da1

6. Carefully rename all references in /etc/fstab

/dev/da1s1X becomes /dev/mirror/gm0s1X      (where X can be a,b,c,d etc.)

7. Reboot

8. Check your mirror with "gmirror list" and "gmirror status", and see 
if your filesystems are mounted with "df".

9. Add da2 to your mirror with this command:

gmirror insert gm0 /dev/da2

Please ask others, as I did not try this and I'm not 100% sure it will 
work. But I think it should.




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Prepare disks da1 and da2 (after low-level format):

Run FDISK from systinstall:

DISK name: da1                                              FDISK Partition Editor
Disk Geometry: 1115 cyls/255 heads/63 sectors = 17912475 sectors

Offset      Size(ST)    End      Name      PType      Desc      Subtype      Flags
0           17916240    17916239 -         12         unused    0

After Create slice (size = 17916240, type = 165):

Offset      Size(ST)    End      Name      PType      Desc      Subtype      Flags
0           63          62       -         12         unused    0
63          17912412    1912474  da1s1     8          freebsd   165
17912475    3765        17916239 -         12         unused    0

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