procmailrc question - solution?

David Banning david+dated+1177522163.c2852b at
Fri Apr 20 17:43:46 UTC 2007

> It seems that anything that is not processed by the global procmailrc 
> file is processed by the local .procmailrc file. What I would like to 
> do is flag a few users only and send them to the their users .procmailrc
> file. Kind of the reverse of the normal.
> If I had to improvise;
> :0
> * ^To.*david at banning
> What to put here to send to home .procmailrc
> :0
> * ^To.*anyoneelse
> /var/mail/$LOGNAME

I may have found a solution here. It is possible to direct the email
back through procmail again, using the -m  option to use the 
private rc file;

* ^To.*david at
|/usr/local/bin/procmail -m /usr/david/.procmailrc

the man page states;

     -m   Turns procmail into a general purpose mail filter.

seems to work. 

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