Question about the Window Maker window manager

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Thu Apr 19 21:05:52 UTC 2007

If anyone using FreeBSD regularly uses the Window Maker window
manager, I have a question about some behavior I saw today that I
don't quite get.  I wasn't doing anything processor intensive, but I
could not open anything.  I'd double click on the terminal icon that
is on the desktop and it would act like it was trying to do something,
but then nothing happened.  I tried to open the "Control Panel", also
an icon from the desktop but to no avail as well.  I couldn't even
start a program from the menus when right clicking on the desktop to
display the menu.

I was, however, able to exit the window manager and then re-open it,
at which time all worked as expected.  Does anyone else experience
such things with Window Maker and if so, short of restarting Window
Maker, how does one go about correcting it?


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