New Config of Jails & 4 port NIC with 6.2 stable

clubturbo at clubturbo at
Thu Apr 19 20:29:17 UTC 2007

Hello Everyone! 
A FreeBSD Grasshopper needs help.

Working with 

PIII 1Ghz. 
1/2 gig ram 
two 80 gig drives
One 4 port D-link NIC.
Freebsd 6.2 stable +Gnome & Xorg, webmin installed
I have comcast with a Netgear wireless router

I would like to configure the above with Jails
My aim is Local DNS, DHCP, Apache1.3, MySQL 4, PHP4, etc, etc.
basic web server stuff.

Not sure where to start!
I would like to have a one NIC port stay on web.
After that I am not sure where to go. 

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