every two weeks

L Goodwin xrayv19 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 19 19:59:42 UTC 2007

Here are some more things to check:

Check the cooling fan(s) in the power supply. I recently had a PS die due to a bad fan. Verify that it spins freely by hand (when OFF) and that it spins up quickly when turned on, and does not make any suspicious noises. Also check its RPM's in the BIOS if available.

I'd also check the CPU fan(s) (physically and in BIOS).

Verify that air can flow freely over the CPU and out through the power supply. There should be no cables blocking the path. Also, the power supply should have an intake fan that points at the CPU (many PSUs have it on the back, which usually does not face the CPU). This is especially important for AMD CPUs.

If hardware has been added, you could be overloading the power supply.

John Haig <jhaig at do.usbr.gov> wrote:  
Every two weeks my Freebsd 5.3 box goes down. 
I'm running a webserver, databaase. No mail. 
Unfortunately it's 1100 miles from where I am and is quite the pain for
my contact to go and start it up again. 
He says it's turned off and cold by the time he gets there.
It's an old box for sure, hardware seems the likely culprit, but why up
for two weeks and then down?
It's the 4th time in well, about 8 weeks. Before that it was off for a
long time because no one could get to it. It's in New Orleans.
Anyone run into anything similar? It seems so un freebsd.
What would be a good way to see what the last thing that happened was?
Thanks for any insight. Please respond to me personally (as well as to
the list if you like).
John "Bagus" Haig
jhaig at do.usbr.gov

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