Samba and RAID 1 using gmirror on 2 new disks

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Thu Apr 19 19:59:36 UTC 2007

I was initially hung up on the boot disk issue as well - everything in
the handbook applies to a data-only drive as well, except the part
about dumping the filesystem, etc.  I presume your disks are

I suggest a look at the actual gmirror manpage, it has more & better
examples, and I pretty much followed one of those exactly.

There's really only 2 things to do:

1) make sure gmirror gets loaded on startup (specific directions are
in the handbook/man)

2) initialize your disks with gmirror as per the man page.

After that works, you'll have something like /dev/mirror/gm0 (you'll
still have /dev/da1 and da2, but you want to use the gm0 in fstab
instead, otherwise, it won't be mirrored).  Then, if you are a newbie
like me, you can just run sysinstall to fdisk and label (aka.
'partition/format') your new disk.  It was quite easier than I
expected, acutally, and my disks have live data on them - no problems
ensued.  Since it's a 'normal' disk after gmirror is configured, samba
works with it just like the rest of your filesystem.

Samba was a bit more work for me, but again, just followed the
handbook and instructions, and I had no major issues.


On 4/19/07, L Goodwin <xrayv19 at> wrote:
> Hello. I have a server with 3 SCSI drives. FreeBSD is installed on da0 (4.3GB), and da1 and da2 (both identical 9GB drives) are to be used in a RAID 1 array for file storage on a LAN with Windows XP and Vista clients, using Samba to share the filesystem on da1. Backups will be taken from da2.
> Drives da1 and da2 are currently "unused" (reclaimed from a Windows server). I have not done anything to prepare these 2 drives yet.
> I also have not configured Samba yet.
> Please walk me through the process of setting up a FreeBSD 6.2 fileserver given these conditions?
> I tried configuring the RAID1 array using the following sources, but got judging from the errors I got, it looks like I need to prepare da1/da2 first:
> Both assume you only have 2 drives and want to mirror the drive containing FreeBSD. I only want to mirror the data drive da1, and would appreciate a concise set of steps for doing this right the first time.
> Thanks!
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