Samba and RAID 1 using gmirror on 2 new disks

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Thu Apr 19 19:24:38 UTC 2007

Hello. I have a server with 3 SCSI drives. FreeBSD is installed on da0 (4.3GB), and da1 and da2 (both identical 9GB drives) are to be used in a RAID 1 array for file storage on a LAN with Windows XP and Vista clients, using Samba to share the filesystem on da1. Backups will be taken from da2.
Drives da1 and da2 are currently "unused" (reclaimed from a Windows server). I have not done anything to prepare these 2 drives yet.
I also have not configured Samba yet.
Please walk me through the process of setting up a FreeBSD 6.2 fileserver given these conditions?

I tried configuring the RAID1 array using the following sources, but got judging from the errors I got, it looks like I need to prepare da1/da2 first:

Both assume you only have 2 drives and want to mirror the drive containing FreeBSD. I only want to mirror the data drive da1, and would appreciate a concise set of steps for doing this right the first time.


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