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		Server: IBM X3850 (88633SM)
		CPU X 4: 40K2522
		HDD X 6: 40K1051
		IBM ServeRAID 8i: 39R8729
		We are attempting to install FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE onto
this machine and
		are running into a problem getting the operating system
to recognise the
		RAID controller. As a result not finding any disks when
it comes to
		installing the O/S.
		We have attempted various modifications to the boot
process, including
		the loading of an "aac" module, which according to the
BSD website,
		should provide support for this type of controller.
		When we attempt to boot to OS to install after making
these above
		modifications, the boot loader advises that this module
already appears
		to be loaded, which contradicts what I believe. In any
respect, it
		doesn't work either way (with or without the module
manually loaded).
		One side note (which i don't think is contributing) is
that when I
		attempt to start the boot loader with ACPI enabled, it
freezes with the
		message "cpu id 38 too high". However if I boot the boot
loader with
		ACPI disabled, this message dissapears. It _may_ be a
possibility that a
		bi-product of disabling the ACPI is causing the RAID
controller to have
		issues. This appears to be an issue because of the X4
CPU count ??
		That's a quick summary of the problem we have, and the
path(s) we have
		been down to date to attempt to fix it. Any help you can
provide would
		be very much appreciated. We are at the position now
where we are
		prepared to pay for consulting services to get it going.
		Dave Faulkner / Murray Taylor
		Bytecraft Systems

	Are you creating an Array before you try the installation?
	What does the console show for the recognized hardware, and not
recognized hardware?
      You can boot from CD and run dmesg to get this information.

The array is already created...
The hardware for the RAID array _and_ the bge interface are not found.

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