dump/restore corrupted filesystems

CyberLeo Kitsana cyberleo at cyberleo.net
Thu Apr 19 00:10:19 UTC 2007

Roland Smith wrote:
>> --8<--
>> ** Phase 2 - Check Pathnames
>> DIRECTORY CORRUPTED  I=93409222  OWNER=1002 MODE=40755
>> SIZE=512 MTIME=Feb 10 00:49 2007
>> DIR=?
> Did these problems start after a crash? 

It's possible, but I cannot be absolutely certain. The machine is
supposed to start itself up and shut itself down every day, running a
total of about 4 hours a day, during the span when all other machines
dump their backups. The only reason I noticed this failure was because
it didn't power down one day. Investigation revealed that FSCK had
failed and dropped to single user, with errors seen in the log.

>> SALVAGE? no
> What happens if you tell it to try and salvage?

This was a dry-run to get the error log. When I actually tried to repair
the filesystem, fsck aborts shortly after, complaining that it cannot
fix the filesystem, and cannot continue. Hence the current path of
removing everything and re-newfs'ing.

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