Bill Moran wmoran at
Wed Apr 18 20:41:49 UTC 2007

In response to Michael S <msherman77 at>:
> I am getting my (first) Athlon 64 x 2 today or
> tomorrow and was wondering whether I should stick with
> the reliable x86 or try the  AMD64 port.
> Any performance penalties when running x86 FreeBSD on
> a 64-bit machine?

Performance is equivalent, except in a few corner cases.  Keep in mind that
there are some cases where amd64 is actually slower, so it's really a wash,
unless you know you're specific application will benefit from 64 bit.

> Also what are the common problems, i.e. drivers,
> applications that are known not to work under the
> AMD64. This is going to be a desktop/workstation type
> system.

Personally, I would stick with i386, unless you like to experiment.  Last
time I tried to run amd64 on a desktop, I had lots of trouble with misc
problems here and there.  Same machine running i386 is rock stable with
no problems.  My gut tells me that a lot of desktop apps and libraries
aren't really mature from a 64-bit standpoint yet.

Bill Moran

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