every two weeks

Joe Holden joe at joeholden.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 14:54:37 UTC 2007

John Haig wrote:
> Hi 
> Every two weeks my Freebsd 5.3 box goes down. 
> I'm running a webserver, databaase. No mail. 
> Unfortunately it's 1100 miles from where I am and is quite the pain for
> my contact to go and start it up again. 
> He says it's turned off and cold by the time he gets there.
> It's an old box for sure, hardware seems the likely culprit, but why up
> for two weeks and then down?
> It's the 4th time in well, about 8 weeks. Before that it was off for a
> long time because no one could get to it. It's in New Orleans.
> Anyone run into anything similar? It seems so un freebsd.
> What would be a good way to see what the last thing that happened was?
> Thanks for any insight. Please respond to me personally (as well as to
> the list if you like).
Hi John,

Sounds like a potential PSU issue, is there anyone at the facility to 
test/replace it?

Meanwhile, you may want to watch the temperatures while it is in 
operation, incase it is shutting down due to heat.


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