slightly OT | Non-Matching MP processors...

Modulok modulok at
Wed Apr 18 11:26:55 UTC 2007

This isn't really a FreeBSD specific problem, but this list has a
number of people who administrate multi-CPU servers, so I thought it a
logical place to ask. Does anyone else experienced this:

Somewhat infrequently, the CPUs of a multi-socket system get out of
synch and the BIOS complains about "Warning: Non-matching MP
processors", (even though the CPU's are an identical, matched pair of
AMD Athlon 2200+). I've had this happen on a Tyan K7 S2468 mainboards
(Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.0), more than a few times. The problem
seems to remedy itself without intervention, eventually, (several
restarts later).

Is this an issue for anyone else? Does it occur more frequently with
more processors (4, 8)? What did you do to resolve or reproduce it?


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