sendmail with dovecot with nologin account

David Banning david+dated+1177289720.77a23e at
Wed Apr 18 01:25:33 UTC 2007

> >For mail-only users with-out a shell, what is the best way to direct
> >mail to them in Maildir format within ~/Maildir - maybe directly from
> >.forward?
> >
> >  
> Not an expert but I am just starting to think about moving from mbox to 
> mdir on my home server, so Id be interested in how you get on.
> man procmail says
>       If  no rcfiles and no -p have been specified on the command line, 

Well as to my problem, it turns out that a shell is not needed for 
procmailrc to work. It was the permissions on the users home directory
that caused me grief.

On the use of mdir, I am not yet a veteran user but so far I like
it. It seems fast. I really like having each file separate, since
I am backing up the users mail; with mdir I can backup only the
new email which saves a lot of time on backup. I am sold on imap
as a mail delivery process. I was using imap-uw but it was not possible
to create subdirectories with mail clients. 

Two webmail clients, squirrelmail, and round-cube are both excellent
for imap use.  For mbox to mdir conversion, I used mb2md which kept
the original file date in tact - (better than mbox2mdir in the
ports) I used the page

for reference which provides some good examples to automatically
setup directories and convert mailboxes.

All said, simple to setup and run. Dovecot also includes pop3 if 
you want to run it. If you have any questions you can try me.

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