Is FTP install broken?

Sean Murphy smurphy at
Tue Apr 17 18:45:33 UTC 2007

   Kris Kennaway wrote:

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 04:51:19AM -0700, Philip J. Koenig wrote:

For probably the 2nd time in history for me, I am trying an FTP 
install.  It's been a good while since I've done a FBSD install, and 
I assumed things had gotten more polished since 4.x..

I'm trying to install the 200703 snapshot of 6.2-STABLE, and no 
matter what server I select, no matter what variant I try of various 
length paths specified in a custom URL to a server that I *know* has 
the files ([1], I get the following message:

    Warning: Can't find the '6.2-STABLE-200703' distribution on this
    FTP server.  You may need to visit a different server for
    the release you are trying to fetch or go to the Options
    menu and to (sic) set the release name to explicitly match what's
    available on [2] (or set to "any").

    Would you like to select another FTP server?

I am booting from the 200703 snapshot i386 bootdisk-only ISO image.

I don't think FTP installs are possible for snapshots, i.e. only the
ISO images are provided.


   During the choice for the ftp server selection there are two servers
   close to the top of the list that are named ""
   and "" you might want to try those.



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