Terabyte harddisks, GELI, AMD64, Samba and Zen...

Solon Luigi Lutz The-M at d-Scientist.de
Tue Apr 17 10:11:18 UTC 2007

CS> Solon Luigi Lutz wrote:
>> after some troubleshooting and some hours of memory tests, it
>> finaly seems to be a hardware problem...
>> The machine is based on an ASUS M2N4-SLI (Nforce4) and since the
>> heat-sink on the north/southbridge is rather small and passive,
>> the chip seems to get too hot. I manufactured a massive one from
>> a IGBT heat-sink and since 20 hours the machine is doing ftp-transfers
>> without any reboots - I keep my fingers crossed...

CS> I have had similar reboot issues with this board, especially when 
CS> sustaining high levels of i/o traffic.  Active cooling for chipset seems
CS> to help a lot.

CS> - Chris Slothouber

Cooling seems to be the point - 36 hours without reboots. Previously
you burn your fingers on the heat-sink, now it has surface temperature
of 28C.
As I havn't put any effort in that field; can you recommend a way of
monitoring the temperature? Healthd? Kernel option?


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