MS, Adobe competition heats up, Will Adobe wake and port Flash to BSD?

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri almarrie at
Tue Apr 17 05:00:36 UTC 2007

Microsoft's answer to Adobe Systems' Flash Player has an official
name--Silverlight--and a coveted target audience: media and
entertainment companies bringing video to the Web.

On Monday at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in
Las Vegas, Microsoft launched Silverlight, a Web browser plug-in for
playing media files and displaying interactive Web applications.

Silverlight, which has been under development for at least two years,
is a player that can display Web applications on both Windows and the
Mac in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The download of the
player will be less than 2 megabytes.

Like Flash, it has accompanying development tools for both designers
and software developers.


I wonder why Adobe didn't make Native Flash Player for FreeBSD and BSD
as well up to now? since we know MS doesn't port such app to Unix in

Porting Flash to more OSes will sure will make adobe beats MS when it
comes to web media.


-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
Arab Portal

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