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Tue Apr 17 02:24:42 UTC 2007

On Mon, Apr 16, 2007 at 06:38:10PM -0700, Jim Priovolos wrote:
> Any tips on how to make FreeBSD start with a GUI login screen?
> I chose gnome and X-Windows in the install and they run in a weird limited way if I start them up after logining in to a command line. But it doesn't start in a way that allows a login to a GUI as the initial login screen.
> Plus, when I try to execute xterm I get Can't open display even though I've set DISPLAY and display environment variables to :0.0 and localhost:0.0 and ip_address_of_box:0.0.
> Any help will be appreciated.

I'm not sure what problem you're having, exactly, from that description.
You might be able to solve it by installing either gdm or kdm -- or even
xdm, if you don't care about bells and whistles and just want a GUI
login.  I don't see kdm in the ports tree using whereis, but gdm and xdm
are both in there.

If the problem is that you don't know how to get X started, try logging
into the TTY console and entering the "startx" command.

If the problem is that X is broken, you need more help than this.

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