using dd to dump an image file to a floppy

John dcbuddy at
Mon Apr 16 18:34:59 UTC 2007



I'm trying to make boot and kern floppies, using dd, as follows:


Cdrom is mounted, floppy is mounted (and I have test written to it)

I have the 6.2 disk 1 in the cdrom drive (the "floppies" directory contains
the disk images I'd like to write)


I'm in the /cdrom directory

When I try to "disk image" the boot.flp file, here's what happens:


# dd if=floppies/boot.flp of=/dev/fd0

dd: /dev/fd0: Operation not permitted


I keep getting the "operation not permitted" message.


As I said before, I CAN write to the fd0 (floppy drive), and I am logged in
as "root".


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?






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