The OX laptop...

Sergio Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Mon Apr 16 17:45:14 UTC 2007

> > Comments pleaase????
> 	I heard/read that these will be "networked" by transceiver going 
> 	peer-to-peer.  With a range of a few miles. The school or
> 	university would serve at the link with the Internet.  Yes?
> 	If other, please explain.

Yes they are networked using WI-FI  in ibcss... really works... does not
need any access 
point and can communicate at about 50 meters away each other... in a
kind of "mersh" 
network...   really simple and functional.

> 	I think this kind of universally affordable and endlessly 
> 	useful computer will give us countless thousands of wizards
> 	and other scholars  who would be wedged in a hopeless situation.
> 	In a word:: Yes!
> 	gary

The point is that will start a new world where things will be
"reinvented" in new
ways. without proprietary software.  With all open architeture will be
to make the "children"  work together in preparing for a new world
the need of "group" working will be more and more important...

Just imagine about 5 milion consumers... 

Here my nepheys are already in college and they now have to work and do
all work using Linux at school and FreeBSD at home...   That is a good
point for
the govern that by forcing them to use open source, makes them think and
overcome problems that otherwise would be solved by pressing a button in


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