Dell PowerEdge SC1435 and FreeBSD

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Apr 16 14:47:28 UTC 2007

"Philip M. Gollucci" <pgollucci at> writes:

> Hi,
> A company bought 3 of these and had issue installing FreeBSD on them
> (I'm currently off site) saying it hung very early in the boot process
> from CD for 6.2 amd64 and the monitor went blank.  Can anyone here
> comment on their experiences with this ?
> I've included some links below too.
> Dual Core 2216 Processor;
> 	2X1MB Cache, 2.4GHz Opteron,
> 	1Ghz HyperTransport for PowerEdge SC 1435
> Dual Core Opteron 2nd Processor,
> 	2x1MB Cache, 2.4GHz
> 	1Ghz HyperTransport for PowerEdge SC 1435
> 4GB Memory, 4x1GB, 667MHz, Single Ranked DIMMs
> Broadcom TCP/IP Offload EngineNot Enabled
> Riser with 1 PCIe Slot for PowerEdge SC1435
> 250GB, SATA, 3.5-inch 7.2K RPMHard Drive
> SAS 5IR SAS, PCI-Express Internal RAID Adapter
> On-Board Dual Gigabit Network Adapter, No TOE
> 24X IDE CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive for PowerEdge SC 1435
> Bezel for PESC1435
> 250GB, SATA, 3.5-inch 7.2K RPMHard Drive
> Add-in SATA/SAS controller, 2 Hard Drives, RAID 1, PowerEdge SC1435
> Sliding Rapid/Versa Rails and Cable Management Arm,Universal
> Seems to validate the video card an ATI ES1000 16MB is okay.
> seems to say it works in general.

You'll need to look at the specific messages for information,
but trying i386 might give you more information.

The video isn't relevant; any video at all should support
console text fine.

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