Important Message From Hsbc Internet Banking

HSBC Bank Plc. at
Mon Apr 16 12:24:46 UTC 2007

   HSBC Bank plc *
   HSBC Bank plc

   * *


   Personal Finance and Business Financial Services

   Dear hsbc Online Account Holder,
   Due to multiple login attempt error while login in to your online hsbc
   account We have believed that someone other than you are trying to
   access your account
   For security reasons,we have temporarily suspend your account and your
   access to online banking will be restricted if you fail to update and
   re-confirm your membership details.
   Confirm your hsbc Online Account now to enjoy the benefits of online
   banking and finance and to avoid fraudulent activites on your account.
   To initiate the verification process: by
   following the reference below.


   Security Advisor
   HSBC Bank PLC.

   Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot
   be answered.
   For assistance, log in to your HSBC Online Bank account and choose the
   "Help" link on any page.
   HSBC Email ID # 1009



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