The OX laptop...

Chris Slothouber chris at
Mon Apr 16 04:09:01 UTC 2007

Sergio Lenzi wrote:
> Here in my country is happening 
> the FISL
> they finally show the $100 dollar laptop for children..
> the machine have 512mb of memory,  more 512mb of flash rom,
> resolution of about 1000x900 keyboard and mouse .....
> they have been in testing for some months now... the children
> sure approve ...  Red Hat has yet the operating system, and
> expect a small footprint of "gnome" to run on the unit.
> The govern is expect to buy and distribute the machine 
> by the "milions"  (about 3milion units/year)... only in Brazil
> May be I will have 2 in my hands next week..
> With a market of about 8 milion units (in -3 years) of a machine
> that does not runs windows.. I think it will run BSD (netbsd/freebsd)
> have wireless sound and camera, small footprint, lightweight....
> It is the dawn of an era of market where only open source software...
> Any educational program or "thing" that fits on that computer will
> be bought by the govern in milion units... and of course will cost
> much less than the "commercial"  solution we have today...
> Comments pleaase????
> take a look ->

Add a hand-crank to this and aid organisations could distribute the 
machines in developing nations.  I thought I remembered hearing about a 
similar project...

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