I like Ubuntu

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sun Apr 15 05:01:11 UTC 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 01:58:17PM -0500, Chris wrote:
>> Actually - Ubuntu's default isn't KDE, it's Gnome. Kubuntu is what you
>> want if you prefer the K environment - however, that's not to say that
>> if you install Ubuntu, you can't install KDE (or XFCE4 - that happens to
>>  be Xubuntu).
> 	I like both Gnome and KDE; altho parts of KDE work better for my
> 	mindset.  SO nutshell, can I upgrade my present default Gnome
> 	"Desktop" (aka: wm:) to be KDE??  Or equally, is  there some
> 	magic command to install more KDE-ware?  Acouple weeks ago here 
> 	someone recommended "kmplayer" and the KDE browser.  And, YES,
> 	it's almost like push button.  The KDE CD burner is also easier to
> 	use.  But the Gnome "Terminal" is much more intuitive than the
> 	KDE write of xterm.  (blah, [bar] :)
> 	(I find that I have tons of KDE games, and I'm not rreally a
> 	gamer. No, I haven't a clue where the games came from.)
> 	gary

Im the same way - I have a mix of Gnome/KDE items. Ubuntu by default is
Gnome - that's not to say you can't install KDE and or other WM. Kbuntu
is your KDE install whereas Xubuntu is the XFCE4 install - again, you
are free to install any part of any WM you want to use by enabling
Universe and Multiverse and by using Synamptic Package Manager.

The file you need to edit for Multiverse and Universe is
/etc/apt/sources.list - Uncomment then run the above app and you'll be
able to pick and choose.

Also keep in mind, you DON't need to install all of KDE to run a few
apps. Under FBSD, I run XFCE4 - and I seem to recall that you needed to
ensure a fair amount of KDE needed to be installed before the fact.

If you're serious about Ubuntu etc, I'll gladly lend you what I have
learned off list.

Best regards,

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