Server Load

Martin Hudec corwin at
Sat Apr 14 19:42:13 UTC 2007

Grant Peel wrote:
> Last week I enabled DEFLATE in apache. I have since disabled it, due to it (I think), sotting the serever load sky high.
> Since disableing it, the server load has not decreased by much, but I have narrowed it down to Apache (2.2) or mysqld that is shooting the load up.
> The high server loads started last Monday morning, and continued all week.(up and down through the days and nights).
> I was wondering if anyone knows of a way (or a utility) that can monitor apache and mysql at the domain level to help troublshoot where the root problem lies.
> FreeBSD 6.2
> Mysql 4.1.21
> php 4.4.4

As for mysql, you can use databases/mytop for monitoring the performance 
of mysql database. Also you can use mysql logging options to check (like 
  log-slow-queries etc.).

As for apache, there is pretty ExtendedStatus option and server-status 
location (see httpd.conf). Also sysutils/apachetop for monitoring the 
performance of apache server.

Note that both utilities are not for unattended use.

kind regards,
Martin Hudec

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