Steinar Bormer steinab at
Sat Apr 14 12:42:10 UTC 2007


On 2007-04-13 astro/google-earth was updated.  See:

<URL: >

The Makefile now says nothing about FORBIDDEN, but 'make' still gives
the following output:

| # make
| ===>  google-earth-4.0.2735 has known vulnerabilities:
| => google-earth -- heap overflow in the KML engine.
|    Reference: <>
| => Please update your ports tree and try again.
| *** Error code 1
| Stop in /usr/ports/astro/google-earth.

Needless to say I've updated the ports tree twice today, and Makefile,
distinfo and pkg-plist have been updated.

What I really don't understand is where this message quoted above is
coming from.  It's not included in any of the four files in
/usr/ports/astro/google-earth, so it must be stored somewhere else.  Any
pointers on how to proceed from here are appreciated.


When in doubt, use brute force.
                -- Ken Thompson

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