how does one get portupgrade back

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Sat Apr 14 02:19:45 UTC 2007


I was going through cvsup and portupgrade since I just got broadband into my
home.  I had forgotten that some time ago I had already installed
portupgrade and went to install it again.  I went to /usr/ports/sysutils/
and found to my astonishment that the directory "portupgrade" no longer
exists.  That's when I found out that I had already installed it at some
time in the past by doing "which portupgrade".  The only reason I'm asking
about this is because the portupgrade program complained that it couldn't
change directory to the directory listed above.  So, I installed
cvsup-without-gui and upgraded my ports collection (I actally did this
before checking for portupgrade).

So, how should I go about restoring that directory?


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