buildworld - Stop in /usr/src/lib/ncurses/ncurses (6.2)

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Fri Apr 13 21:11:00 UTC 2007

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 22:41:58 +0200
Ewald Jenisch <a at> wrote:

> I've got a problem doing a "make builworld" on a new machine: When I
> start "make buildworld" in /usr/src I end up with the errors below.
> Sure enough I've set up a corresponding supfile for "stable", sources
> are cvsup-ed (cvsup -g -L 2 ./stable-supfile in root's home-dir) to
> /usr/src correctly. Then I start the build process, which runs up to a
> certain point then dies.
> Please note that I've repeatedly cvsup-ed the sources with the full
> "cleanup-cycle" between the build-attempts as per the handbook:
> # chflags -R noschg /usr/obj/usr
> # rm -rf /usr/obj/usr
> # cd /usr/src
> # make cleandir
> # make cleandir
> To no extent - the error remains.
> Any idea what could be wrong here?

Are you by any chance using a custom 'stable-supfile' rather than using
one of the preconfigured ones?


If so, you might try one of those. If nothing else works, it is worth a


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