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If I understand your problem, you have three pc's that you would like to be able to route between.
For your box to be able to talk to your box, it needs to have an ip address on the 10.0.0 subnet.
This could be accomplished by adding an alias in the rc.conf, ifconfig_lnc0_alias0=inet netmask, 
for instance if your nic is named lnc0. Your box already shares subnet 192.168.1 with your box.
You don't actually need to run a router so you don't need the router_enable option.  You need a gateway_enable option to allow
the box to do ip forwarding.  Both the box and the box need to be told their default router via a defaultrouter option
such as, defaultrouter="" in the box.  The option looks like defaultrouter="".  Assuming
there is connectivity between the three boxes, they should all be able to ping each other.

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> hello all the people, i want to configure a freebsd 6.2 as a router, in
> rc.conf added this line
> router_enable="YES"
> it's ip is
> then i have two PCs, one with freebsd( and another with debian(
>, but i can't realize if I must configure something in the
> others two  machines
> the pourpose of this is to get communicated the freebsd( with
> debian(
> thanks in advance for your help.
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