Complete loss of network on 6_STABLE

Drew cotharyus at
Fri Apr 13 10:24:44 UTC 2007

On 4/13/07, Drew <cotharyus at> wrote:
> > Sorry, I had to go back and read my message to see what was there. I've
> > never used -a in my life, and I can only blame that not being a -v on all
> > the trouble I'm having with the keyboard on my wife's laptop. I don't know
> > how she types on this thing. But I'm building a generic kernel and we'll try
> > that.
> >

Building and installing Generic was not the answer. It demonstrates exactly
the same behavior. I suppose I'll dig /usr/src off of a known good sup and
try that. And include /usr/src in my next set of backups here, since space
is no longer an issue for storing them.

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