Complete loss of network on 6_STABLE

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Fri Apr 13 08:14:13 UTC 2007

Drew wrote:
> I have a 6 stable box that I cvsup'd at around 5:15am central US time this
> morning. I did a buildworld and buildkernel on it after checking the
> UPDATING file and finding nothing since 6.2 release, ran mergemaster and
> rebooted, so I was a little surprised when it never came back. Once I gained
> physical access to the box, I discovered it had no apparent ability to open
> a sock - neither unix, nor udp nor tcp. I can ping localhost, but not other
> IP's on my network. X tells me is a bad display name. So
> I need to know how to get things back up and running. Is this a known
> problem that has been fixed, or have I stumbled across something no one else
> has seen? As a side note, I have to give major props to all the developers -
> it sounds like my situation is really bad, but this is the first major
> problem I've had in over 7 years of tracking -STABLE of one version or
> another. Let me know if I can just cvsup another 6-stable box and burn it to
> a disc and copy it off on here, or what I need to do to fix this, because
> I'm lost. For the record:
> mergemaster -p
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel KERNCONF=mykernel
> make installworld
> make installkernel KERNCONF=mykernel
> mergemaster -a
> reboot
> came up with no sockets. At this point:
> rm -rf /usr/obj
> make clean
> make buildworld ...etc - still no sockets.

The proper upgrading procedure is described in /usr/src/Makefile
(starting from line ~41). Also check the handbook:

By executing "mergemaster -a" you don't actually merge the files. This
may not update important files.

If you're using customised kernel, then probably you took something
important out of it. Try GENERIC to rule this one out.

I hope this helps.


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